DRAGONCON 2010: The Transformative Properties of Latex

After a late night at the ever-expanding Dragon Con, one is struck by the powerful undercurrent of freedom flowing through the self-proclaimed “Nerdy Gras” like so much pink sludge a la the much-maligned and admittedly inferior Ghostbusters 2, exaggerating and amplifying the already palpable excitement hanging in the heavy autumn air. People get the fuck down, and to be near it is to bask in the steam heat generated by a grateful mass of humanity finding others with whom they can share, for example, their love of Joss Whedon’s lesser works.

Sure, there are costumes a plenty, extracted from every nook and cranny of popular culture both esoteric (something called Darkworld that involves, as I am told, kimono-clad, sword carrying purple wolves, were-crocodiles and, I’m fairly certain, marginalized sexual desires) and ubiquitous (two “Dick in a Box” guys? Really?).

So as you study these photographs, wonder please: Why is it so important to establish a safe-zone for people to do exactly what they desire, to congregate peacefully and support what they love and probably fuck more than they ever thought they reasonable could? Why can’t life be like this all the time?

Perhaps it’s just neater for everyone to don their business and family costumes the other 361 days of the year.

Follow Travis Broyles & Jtrav in this video from Dragoncon.

Video Credit: Jason Travis & Mike Stippich

Photo Credit: Jason Travis (Header & Below)

Photo Credit: Ryan James (Below)