Noot d’ Noot Want You to “Know That Feelin’”

Give Noot d’ Noot a green screen, and they’ll transport you to a mythical realm where light blue shards resembling toenail clippings fall from the starry skies.

The official video for “Know That Feelin’,” directed by Newmerica, will toy with your astigmatism (beginning at 2:30) and remind you of that time when Homer Simpson ate a Guatemalan insanity pepper and met Johnny Cash, though in the best way possible. The song itself is an infectious cut from Noot d’ Noot’s forthcoming mixtape Time Release, which will be available as a free download on Bandcamp.

To celebrate, Noot d’ Noot is also playing with The Ruination at The Earl tomorrow, then with Judi Chicago at Star Bar on Saturday. And if they can bring that kind of party to outer space, just imagine what they’ll do on stage.