Beware of the Dog: Late Night Vegetarian Street Fare in East Atlanta

We all hunger for something–sex, money, power… the flesh of the living.

With the media’s focus as of late on our impending doom, it’s become increasingly difficult to view the horror movie genre and even sensational news reports as being tongue-in-cheek. With film releases such as 28 Days Later, Quarantine and the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead along with weekly headlines about face eating and self-disembowelment, it makes you wonder if we’ll soon be consuming something (or someone) else that’s not currently part of our daily nutritional requirements.

So why not get a head start?

Matt Livingston teamed up with Bear Maker Bakery back in March of 2011. His initial interest to work with the local bakers transpired from Facebook pictures of Brandon Tidwell (of Bear Maker Bakery) at the 2010 Atlanta Zombie Walk. Their mutual love for all things horror blossomed into a terrifying partnership that would not just further Bear Maker Bakery, but also launch the horror-themed vegetarian hot dog cart, Beware of the Dog.

After years of managing local restaurants, Livingston finally decided to take a stab at the wiener business in December of last year. Lovingly referred to as “couture haute” dogs by Matt’s partner, all ingredients involved are plant-based and vegetarian-friendly. Livingston introduces spins on traditional street fare like the Coney Island Massacre, which is your basic cheese coney, minus the brutal murder and dismemberment of an unsuspecting animal.

Expanding on the idea of the classic hot dog stand, Beware of the Dog also offers international flavors with the most popular dog on the menu being Godzilla Takes Tokyo. Infused with a soy ginger marinade, wasabi mayo and Chinese mustard, this dog pays homage to where tofu and B Monster movies originated.

Not a far cry from Jason Voorhees, Matt’s grandfather was a butcher, just not of scantily-clad 80s teens. Though Livingston holds no conviction regarding the slaughter of swine, he claims to primarily eat a vegetarian diet, “with lapses into steak.” Being a huge burger fan who would rather have a vegetarian based meat product, his “dark passenger” does take the wheel from time to time, and when it does his favorite places to get blood on his hands are Serpas, Augustine’s and the Vortex.

Bored with the typical food truck?

Livingston’s hot dog cart looks more like a blood-thirsty machine from Maximum Overdrive. The Christine meets Harley-esque vehicle dubbed “Scary 1” that houses Beware’s vegetarian “white trash fare” would probably murder the competition in any drag race down Peachtree or a back alley in EAV. So Whether you’ve got the drunk-munchies, are looking to discuss the latest slasher remake or wondering what the hell Frankenbeins are, Beware of the Dog lays in wait every Friday night behind Mary’s in the East Atlanta Village.

Photo Credit: Tim Song


  • Kiki

    Wish I left the house more often, I’d totally love to try one of these dogs!  Might have to go out now.