Carbonas has no interest in recording new music as Carbonas. In days leading up to the Mess-Around, Carbonas barely wanted to rehearse as Carbonas–not with new, scorching and rollicking efforts bearing their names (Gentleman Jesse, GG King, Barreracudas).


By day, while lounging in his basement off Boulevard Southeast, Daniel Scoggins may be wearing jorts and a black tee cut into a tank top. But by night, before heading to East Atlanta venues like Star Bar, 529 or the Earl, Scoggins slips on an earring, leopard skin leggings and a mirrored codpiece. This is Scoggins as Cousin Dan, a musical persona that’s emerged over the course of many open mic nights, inside his basement and with The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne as moral support. Purge talked to Scoggins about who inspires him musically, how he creates his own stage props and what to expect from his upcoming debut.


Written by: Christina Lee. Photography by: Tim Song


Written by: Christina Lee. Photography by: Tim Song


Give Noot d’ Noot a green screen, and they’ll transport you to a mythical realm where light blue shards resembling toenail clippings fall from the starry skies.