Before I met Amanda Mills I had memories of William Wallace’s speech in Braveheart about being 7 feet tall and shooting bolts of lightning out his ass. Her reputation seemed pretty legendary.


Looking back on the past year, Purge ATL would love to take credit for the success of Vouched Books in Atlanta. We have to be honest though, we didn’t really do much.


We became fast friends with similar interests concerning outdoor activities, Taco Bell, defacing renaissance art and our love for buddy cop movies.


With the media’s focus as of late on our impending doom, it’s become increasingly difficult to view the horror movie genre and even Fox news reports as being tongue-in-cheek.


Sitting at a coffee shop on North Highland Avenue, I’m surrounded by college students, fledgling writers and first and last dates. Other than the latter, most of us have one reason for being here: free Internet access.