Here’s How is back just in time for summer. All of the previous cocktails I’ve shared with you have been classic recipes with a bit of history involved. To kick things off this time, we will begin with the most popular original cocktail that the bar at Leon’s Full Service has served since summer of 2009, Miller’s Cucumber Cooler.


“… Even if you can’t make it down to the Big Easy, you can recreate one of its most famous tastes at your convenience.” – Miles Macquarrie


“Four of these taken in quick succession will un-revive the corpse again.”- Harry Craddock


Daiquiri. When most people see that word, they think of a sweet, fruity slush or of that place “Wet Willy’s” with all the frozen drink machines.


This cocktail is a true example that simplicity and proper execution can be a beautiful, delicious thing.