I was the one who dressed up as Jimmy Swaggart when I was a kid. I was seven, maybe eight-years-old, and there was nothing more entertaining to my imagination than pretending to be the then famed preacher.


There’s an excitement that’s undeniable in Billy Mitchel and Maddy Davis’ presence. Mitchel smiles as an interview about their glee club project, Ding Dong Family Circus, became a conversation of ideas to hash out. Davis’ enthusiasm wraps the moments with laughter and delight as she looks over a notepad, cluttered with names and song titles.


The first time I met Mike Stasny, last fall, he gave me a painting. No introductions, no exposition; he just whirled up to me as I looked at this painting, took it off the wall, and handed it over. I walked away wondering who this hyped up, magical forest creature in a suit had been.


Karma: I’ve never been certain if I believe altruism actually exists, but the less cynical side of me wants to think that it does. But it seems pretty obvious to me, because we aren’t all murdered, that people generally do more good or neutral things than bad things. I would attribute this to humans understanding the basic elements of economics, stuff like someone probably won’t be willing to trade with you if you’ve hit them in the head and taken their shit.


I am standing inside the M Rich building in downtown Atlanta, one week before the opening of Dashboard’s Boom City show. Courtney Hammond, half-covered in paint, brings me a beer and we begin to explore the enormous, sunlit space in downtown Atlanta that is to be the site of the third annual Dashboard roll out show.


It was 1986, a time when a lot of church folks were convinced that cartoon shows could be an entrance for evil spirits to spread unspeakable temptations. I was banned from watching He-Man, a show now equated as an accidental force of homoerotic adventure — with a miniature Wizard.


Fancy Self Service Restaurants: I won’t mention the name of the place because I actually do like it a lot, but there is one aspect of it that is kind of ridiculous considering the price. After ordering and sitting down, a “waiter” came to our table and said “Hey guys. Water, plates, forks, and napkins are over there.” I paused for a moment and thought, “Ok, well why don’t you go get me that shit then.”


It’s early evening. There’s just the last bit of light coming through the windows of Nick Tecosky’s super-creepy office in an old church, where terrifying framed portraits of Jesus are stacked up against the walls like bad children. The Write Club Atlanta Viceroy is dressed, as usual, like a Russian novelist who lives in Berkeley in the 1960s, and unlike at the monthly Write Club bouts, he doesn’t yell once.


Bastardizing Physics: “An object in motion tends to stay in motion” means that in a vacuum an object that is moving will continue to move at a constant speed until something intervenes. It does not mean that if you keep doing whatever stupid bullshit you’re doing you will succeed and your life will be amazing.


Explanations for Bumming a Cigarette:

I’m not your guilt receptacle and I don’t give a shit how long it’s been since you last smoked. It’s bad enough that I’m purposefully giving myself cancer. Now you want to bore me to death too, thanks a lot.