There’s an excitement that’s undeniable in Billy Mitchel and Maddy Davis’ presence. Mitchel smiles as an interview about their glee club project, Ding Dong Family Circus, became a conversation of ideas to hash out. Davis’ enthusiasm wraps the moments with laughter and delight as she looks over a notepad, cluttered with names and song titles.


The first time I met Mike Stasny, last fall, he gave me a painting. No introductions, no exposition; he just whirled up to me as I looked at this painting, took it off the wall, and handed it over. I walked away wondering who this hyped up, magical forest creature in a suit had been.


I am standing inside the M Rich building in downtown Atlanta, one week before the opening of Dashboard’s Boom City show. Courtney Hammond, half-covered in paint, brings me a beer and we begin to explore the enormous, sunlit space in downtown Atlanta that is to be the site of the third annual Dashboard roll out show.


It’s early evening. There’s just the last bit of light coming through the windows of Nick Tecosky’s super-creepy office in an old church, where terrifying framed portraits of Jesus are stacked up against the walls like bad children. The Write Club Atlanta Viceroy is dressed, as usual, like a Russian novelist who lives in Berkeley in the 1960s, and unlike at the monthly Write Club bouts, he doesn’t yell once.


When it was time to begin filming, I nervously disrobed and took my place next to Chris. My unease was replaced by glowing acceptance, love, and happiness for the beautiful experience I was having.The video isn’t special because we are all naked. It is special because of how we all felt while making it.


Here at Purge, we want to provide the best for you. We try to showcase great local talent, highlight Atlanta’s cultural past and present and throw the best parties in town. We just want to make sure you know what’s up. And keeping that in mind, we’re introducing a new segment to the site, 5 Questions: micro interviews with some of Atlanta’s most unique characters.


Outside of Civil War reenactments or driving down Moreland after dark, Atlanta doesn’t have much going on in the horror genre, unless of course you’ve been to Atlantic Station on a Friday night.


Hense On a forgotten block of Downtown Atlanta, four artists are literally changing the face of Atlanta. Their tractor-green lifts move on the building faces like dancing robot arms, lit up against the dark Atlanta skyline. Just a short walk away, Adrian Barzaga is saving the abandoned Constitution building from demolition and heightening (in every [...]


A big thank you to 97 Estoria, Cousin Dan, the vendors, the bands and especially everyone who came out to Purge Apocalypse. We appreciate you in helping us pull off our biggest event to date. If you didn’t come out to the Apocalypse, here’s what you missed.  


On the back patio or Dr. Bombay’s tea house, Katrell Christie talks about her first trip to India. Sipping hot tea beneath the strings of bulb lights, the world of poverty and crime that she describes doesn’t seem quite real.